After its success in its first edition, The Leadership Addresses Company organizes The Second Saudi Application Expo titled
My Competitive Application
The First Saudi Electronic Applications Exhibition is the first of its kind in the region in terms of embracing specialized talent in the electronic applications sector, focusing on innovation and creativity; in addition to shedding light on all new applications that keep up with global electronic markets. Moreover, the exhibition will address investment opportunities in the technical growth of this sector, thus boost Saudi economy.
Our vision:
Present the Saudi applications and software industry to the world.
Our Mission:
Develop the creative and innovative side of applications in Saudi Arabia.
Our Goals:
  • To provide the opportunity to present creative work in the field of applications by offering the right environment to do so.
  • To encourage investment prospects in electronic applications to promote this sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • To act as a link between entrepreneurs and leaders in the field of applications, as well as between business incubators and venture capitalists.
  • Collect all initiatives, ideas and plans regarding the technical aspects of applications and discuss them through one unified platform.
  • Review successful experiences and identify the steps taken to share knowledge.
Target Sectors:
  • Companies engaged in application programming
  • Investors in electronic applications
  • Business owners and capital
  • People interested in the e-applications sector
  • Public and private universities
Why participate in the first Saudi Electronic Applications Exhibition?
  • Learn about the latest developments in the world of electronic applications in Saudi Arabia and abroad.
  • Establish business relationships between investors, web developers and companies involved in application programming.
  • Present all the different applications with the services they provide in the presence of large numbers of audiences to gain as many customers as possible.
  • Exchange ideas, concepts and visions among all participants and visitors in the field of electronic applications and innovation.
  • Raise the level of success of trademarks by introducing them to others with common interest.
Participation categories :
Category D ( Area : 2*2 ) Price 4900 SR
Category C ( Area : 3*2 ) Price 5900 SR
Category B ( Area : 4*2 ) Price 9500 SR
Category I ( Area : 5*2 ) Price 15000 SR
Category E ( Area : 12 SM) Price 19500 SR
Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Second Saudi Applications Expo

My Competitive Application


Exhibition specialized in electronic applications

Movenpick Hotel, Riyadh

Visitors segment
Open to the public
Exhibition in Media
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First Saudi Applications Expo
First Saudi Applications Expo
Organized by The Leadership Address company

Saudi Exhibition & Convention Bureau (SECB) license
License number : 18/1868
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